Hi all, this is my new endeavour to post some new blogs about the things that interest me. I grew up in a family that had an interest in world affairs and state politics. Added to that is my interest in history. I have a good memory and now reaching an age that is considered by some as wise, I have decided to use this page as another way of expressing myself.

Right now the greatest show on earth is Trump-Pence. I know people on both sides of the coin and the all seem passionate about the rights and wrongs of America’s president. What I know is what I read in all the papers and TV interviews. To me, it appears that this man has no idea of what he is doing.  I recently saw an interview with the Russian President where he stated that he sat next to Trump at a dinner and only spoke a couple of words to him. Given that Trump is not the kind of person to be ignored, I find that hard to believe. This puts into question all the rest of this interview.

Trump said a lot of things when campaigning, including he would not take pay for being president. Now I read he is the highest paid political leader in the world. Added to that is the cost of keeping his wife and child in another residence.

All this makes Australian politics seem so dull. If the party doesn’t like what their leader is doing they simply vote him out in the party room.

I watch with amusement and interest to see what will happen next in America.

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