My heart goes out to the people of Syria. What started out as an insurrection against President Assad lead by the Free Syrian Army turned nasty when ISIS decided to join in. Assad would not step down and instead unleashed chemical weapons upon his own people. Now we know where the supposed weapons of mass destruction went to from Iraq. At first, the world ignored this civil war, now it seems a free for all with all sides offering weapons and advice from all countries. Beautiful towns like Aleppo now destroyed and thousands of people are displaced. One has to ask for what? My second book “Metamorphosis” was written at the beginning of the war. And what the characters said at the time turned out to be tragically true(see M.Kelly@infoinbooks). In fact, it is a horror story of biblical proportions.I cannot help thinking that all the nations now involved should just get out of the area and let the people who are left there to sort it out for themselves. It is no longer about ideology nor is it about religion. A holy Muslim is still a good person. If they follow the Qur’an all this killing is still wrong. Just as the line came from Abraham, the ten commandments still apply. How can you pray to Allah to be merciful and then not show mercy? As for the allies including Russia, I get the notion it is a game of one-up-manship. War is good for making money. It creates wealth for the makers of weapons. It creates jobs and gives the big boys a reason to play with their toy’s. The real losers are the starving people from Syria and the traumatised children who may never recover.

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