The changing demographics in Australia over the past 16 years have brought about major shifts in the social fabric of our society. Past images of a white lazy sport mad society have given away to a hard working and culturally diverse community.
We have grown to 23,401,892 Australian residence. That is up 24.4 million. Melbourne is taking over from Sydney as the largest city. Australian Capital Territory (Canberra) is the fastest growing adding 40,000 new residence which is up 11%. Perth population is 1,943,858.
Australia is more culturally diverse now with more people coming not from Europe as before but from China, India and the Philippines. About half of Australian residents were born overseas of have or have one or both parents coming from overseas. 6 million arrived since 2012 that is up 200% Only 72% speak English. Mandarin is the second most common language. They bring with them traditions and colour adding to the experiences Australian can enjoy such as a wider variety of food. People who identify themselves as aboriginal is grown to 2.8% of the population which is higher than 16 years ago. They have come a long way in education and integration than before.

This has had a big impact on the way we see ourselves both socially and morally. 16 years ago most of the population saw themselves as Christian. Now even though 52% still identify themselves as Christian. 29% state they have no religion. Of the other religions 8.2% comprising of Buddhists from Vietnam 26%, Muslims from Pakistan 14%, Muslims from Afigsastine 11%.
As a country, we are getting older. The baby boomers have come of age. The number of people over 65 has grown by 665,000 since 2011. This has put a strain on our universal health system. However, Australians firmly believe in health care for everybody. The average age is 38 years and housing affordability is a challenge for most families. Often the older generation cares for the children while the parents work. The average wage is a $662 per week. Most Australians see themselves as the lucky country with a fairly stable government and freedom to say and do what you want without interference.

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