I have to admit I have not read any fantasy books before, but within keeping with my idea of reading Western Australian authors and promoting them when I can. I tried this one. Susan May is well known for those who read e-books and she has a large following. I like books and had to find this one in book form. The story starts a bit slow and I found myself wondering if I would keep reading. However, it builds up to a delightfully quirky crescendo. It gave me a sense of the author’s freedom to explore a story without the limits of a factual styled book. The descriptive picture she paints lets the reader inside the head of the main character in a way that suggests he believes he is just an ordinary bloke with an extra gift. As the book develops he realises he is much more than he originally thought. The ending took the story around a full circle to the first revelation of his gifts. In a way I was a bit disappointed at the end when she describes where she found her ideas as I think I woulds rather have believed it all came from her creative mind.

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