M. Kelly debuts in world of psychological thrillers

New novel sends readers into labyrinthine realm of subconscious mind

BUTLER, Australia – M. Kelly marks her debut in the world of psychological thrillers with “Pathways in the Mind” (published by Xlibris AU). This new novel will send readers on a journey deep into the labyrinthine realm of memory and the subconscious where a young woman teeters between liberation and self-destruction.

“Pathways in the Mind” is centered on the life and experiences of Marion who lost her memory because of psychological trauma. Life for the young woman is a new experience, a struggle for survival but it also lets her unlock extraordinary abilities she never thought were possible. Marion’s situation is made more complicated with the arrival of three men who will each change the course of her life in some way. One of these men is Riccardo Rodregious who hides a dark secret behind his charming façade.

In “Pathways in the Mind,” Kelly has crafted a brilliant exploration of memory and how it can be both cure and curse. This futuristic tale filled with humanistic themes will absorb readers from beginning to end.

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