Make sure to eat a stout and filling breakfast before starting on M. Kelly’s novel, Juncture. This story will definitely put your brain through some mental challenges as you try to figure out the interconnectedness of randomly seemingly unrelated events and characters.
The story opens with the main character of Marion, who is upset to be defending herself in a lawsuit for song lyrics. When Marion loses the case (not a spoiler, so settle back), she despairs at the financial burden to her family, but takes comfort in the fact they have such faith in her. A tragic accident on her way home leaves her a childless widow. Marion wanders around in shock. She soon loses her money, her proof of identity and, apparently, her mind. Eventually, she simply walks away from her old life and people believe she also perished in the accident.
Now, get ready for some brainwork. The book introduces Katrina. Katrina is a widow who is lost and afloat after the death of her husband Flynn. She struggles to put her life together and doesn’t quite understand the full circumstances of his death. Certainly, it’s suspicious to say the least. Desperate, a friend recommends Katrina see a paranormal advisor to make a connection to the husband. The paranormal? She’s new at this game. She’s not a charlatan, as you might expect, but has genuine powers to see things and know things that others just can’t.
Now, Ricardo. Quite frankly, he’s an unfortunate piece of work. He has few redeeming characteristics. A misogynistic tough guy, Ricardo is a difficult character to like— at first. However, he starts to grow on the reader. He’s rich, but very lonely because his first wife, the love of his life, died unexpectedly. Are you confused yet? It’s several chapters in before the reader sees how each of these oddball characters knows one another. Reading the book is a bit like unravelling a tapestry. When you see a loose thread sticking out, it’s a true, “Ah, ha!” moment. These characters are intricately woven together and their stories intertwine, connect, and reconnect in ways the brain simply couldn’t guess at.
While Juncture isn’t exactly a mystery, it’s still great fun to figure out how the whole story fits together. You’ll switch sides (first, you’ll like Ricardo, then hate, then probably like him again) for the characters and their motivations. You’ll reread to see what you simply didn’t notice the first time. You’ll finally get closure when you see how it all fits into a pretty neatly arranged story. The fast pace is to find the underlying cause of things in M.Kelly’s Juncture. This book is a must-read. It has a uniqueness that makes it refreshingly different. I look forward to more novels by this author.

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